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nervous system in conflict

Another eye-opening extract from the police forum discussing recent incidents with the police and residents in Lavapies, and the neighbourhood and its inhabitants in general:

Jeez, when I saw that on the evening news I felt like shit, they’re just doing their job, going after a dealer with a record, and they want us out of the neighbourhood, then the police have to go in more forcefully and we all get into trouble….


At least it’s out in the open and the public are beginning to see what’s really going on. They were detaining a DEALER!! Let’s see how these protesters feel when it’s their kid slumped on a street corner hooked on drugs that this dealer’s been pushing them, or stabbed in the guts, or finished off to settle a score, are they then going to continue to stick up for this DRUG DEALER who the security forces were unable to arrest when they had him, (though they did arrest him in the end), because they were too busy chucking stones at the police and jeering at them to get out of the neighbourhood?


It’s a spin off of those 15M lot, anarchists who’ve used the 15M name to do stuff like this.

Because it’s good that people demonstrate about things they’re against, as long as it’s in a peaceful manner, but then these people give pacifistic movements like 15M a bad name when they do stuff like this.

And of course the government isn’t going to stick up for the police, or for the man on the street.

I don’t really get what’s going on, but if things carry on like this, it’ll get much worse and people are going to get hurt.


now the problem is people after 15M, because the police didn’t intervene to throw them out or anything, now everyone thinks they can do whatever they like because, as they’re ‘pacifists’ they all stick their hands up, hold hands, stick together, have a sit-in, and everybody out… it’s been made easy for them to moan about the police and stick up for the criminals, like in this case as well…



This is getting out of hand. And what kind of hypocritical and ignorant society are we turning into if the whole world and his neighbour seems to think the police are responsible for all the problems we have? I mean what kind of morons are they who think they can get away with stopping us doing our jobs by using force and threats? What are they going to resort to next? Call 091 asking for help then lay an ambush for the officers who turn up? Without wanting to sound over the top, I’ve watched these videos you’ve all posted on here and all I see are a bunch of ‘crusties’. I’d like to think that in this part of the city there are plenty of normal people who can’t stand all this and who are behind what the police are trying to do.

And the worse thing is all this that’s going on is having repercussions in other cities, every day you see less respect for our work, and for us as individuals.

In the patrol car I’ve had to put up with a right load of crap just for asking people for their ID, people who were clearly carrying out a criminal act or who were just about to commit  a crime. Everyone asks why you’re doing it, everyone gets hot under the collar, they ask you haven’t you got more important things to do, and blah blah blah. And then it turns out apart from the odd one or two, each one of them’s worse than the last.

I’m not saying people should hang their heads when they have to deal with us, but for fuck’s sake, they should let us do our job with a bit of dignity, we’re only trying to help. And if in many cases we’re unable to do it as well as we’d like to, it’s because our hands are tied by the government, not because we don’t want to.

So, I suppose we’ll have to carry on turning up anywhere our presence is required, and we should do with out heads held high and not let these dickheads put us off, who are so full of themselves because they’ve chased us out of the neighbourhood, because, do you know what – whether they like it or not, above all, we’re professionals.


I’m on the beat in that neighbourhood almost on a daily basis, and 90-95% of the people in that neighbourhood are foreigners and they give us the evil eye every time we turn up.


I’m not from Madrid, I had no idea there was such a high percentage of foreigners in that neighbourhood. Well, sorry Mr Foreigner, Crusty hippy, and other manky flea-bitten individuals, I do beg your pardon for doing my job, you’re absolutely right, the police are all terrible. You carry on running amok and living off the state. We ought to set up a Police ‘indignados’ platform.


Is alpol a bit like 3,000 but with foreigners???


Mmmm…no, not exactly. I really don’t know how to compare it with any other neighbourhood there…. Lavapies is a neighbourhood with old buidlings (some really ancient flats) and you can walk around ‘no problem’, well, look, if you walk round there you’re not going to get jumped and mugged by 3 immigrants with a pistol or a knife, normally they keep the fights between themselves and sometimes with the Spaniards from round there. But it’s true that every step you take you’re coming across africans, pakistanis, moroccans, indians, chinese, turks, romanians… and of course crusties. That’s why when they see someone who’s not from round there or who looks a bit different, not like someone who’s normally hanging around there, they get a bit agitated. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want a mate of yours living down there, because you know what you’re going to get for neighbours, and it’ll be all over the block that you’re a cop in five minutes.

It’s true, we’re not exactly welcomed with open arms in that neighbourhood and now the media are cottoning on, so everyone’s beginning to see how much they hate us, when they should be focusing on the fact that we’re only going down there for the security of those who live there, whatever their nationality, because, let’s face it, wouldn’t it be easier and safer for us if we didn’t bother going down there and they can all get on with killing each other?? But we are there to PROTECT citizens, whether they are african, pakistani, moroccan… but obviously, the bad ones (and unfortunately there are a lot of those) have to be brought to justice.


in my humble opinion:

I really believe that people are getting out of hand now, looking at what went on in Lavapies, it’s pathetic. What really hit me apart from the police being insulted by people for no reason at all, was the woman who, if I’ve remembered it right, was on tv saying: I saw how they were handcuffing the immigrant and I called the alarm so they couldn’t haul him off, well, the woman who kicked up this whole stink in the first place.

So now I’m asking myself: what kind of picture do people have of the police? And I tell myself: the vision the media gives, always with a spin on it, always putting out news stories when the police have to intervene, when the police hit someone, when the police are ‘bad’, that’s what people see on tv, and what they don’t get to see is when the police are doing their job they’re getting assaulted, insulted, and treated like shit. They don’t see that when we’re on duty we have to put up with all kinds of crap and take it on the chin. The police are there to help people, they should get it into their thick heads once and for all, if you’re walking down the street and you’re asked to open your bag, backpack, case etc, it’s because someone’s been given an order to do it, they’re not just doing it because they feel like it, there must be a good reason they’re doing it. There’s another video, the same kind of thing, where the police ask some crusty to open his bag and he starts to kick off and cause loads of trouble, bangingon about some old lady being illed and what did the police do about that etc etc.

And also I’d like to point out that all these people who jeer at the police, insult us, hit us and so on, they should stop and think about how they want us around when there’s a crime been committed, a murder, a case of domestic abuse… And they ask the police to do everything, and often the ones who demand the most are the people who a few days before were there slagging the police off.

Remember that a policeman is a worker, like anybody else, but with a very particular and special job to do, defending the rights and freedoms of each and every citizen of this country.