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More from the police forum in the thread about incidents in Lavapies and anti-police attitudes in general:

I suppose you already know all about it…. They did it again in Lavapies, they slagged off colleagues again. This time it was over the arrest of a moroccan with a criminal record. … 00127.html

I was about to post this story when I saw someone else already had.

Here it is:

Four officers hurt in Lavapiés

The residents of Lavapiés continue trying to set up anarchy in the neighbourhood. On Wednesday night they caused yet another altercation with the Police, when dozens of people tried to hold up the arrest of a citizen.

According to police sources consulted by LA RAZÓN, a moroccan youth called 091, asking for officers to turn up at Lavapies square, because another guy had beaten him up. When the Police arrived on the scene, the kid showed them the report he’d filed against this aggresor at Arganzuela station some days before, although he’d only just been able to identify him, as he’d just seen him in the street, and this is why he’d called the police.

Once he found himself surrounded by 6 officers, the accused, Abdou F, 26 years old and from Senegal, started to spit at them and insult them, calling them ‘racists’ and ‘murederers’. When they heard the shouting, locals started coming out onto the street and they started jeering the police, who had to call 10 more patrol cars out as back up. Meanwhile, the supposed aggressor did all in his power to resist being placed in one of the cars, until he hit his own head. After a 20 minute struggle, the officers managed to get him in one of the vehicles and one of the officers sat next to him in order to prevent him injuring himself further.

Four policemen ended up with minor injuries after this altercation and the wing mirror and the windscreens of two patrol cars broken. The suspect – with 38 prevous criminal counts for assaults on authority- has his hearing today.


Insults and attacks with bottles

Shortly after the police arriving on Plaza Lavapies to arrest a supposed aggresor, residents went on the warpath to try and stop them. In a matter of seconds, officers were surrounded by a cordon of people who hurled insults and threw glass bottles, causing injuries to four policemen. It was so chaotic that ten more patrol cars were called up to the Madrid neighbourhood to defend their colleagues, who once again found themselves rounded up and harrangued for trying to keep order on the streets.

Source: … n-lavapies


And where were the Moroccan’s countrymen to stick up for their friend and defend the police who were trying to arrest his attacker?

I just don’t get it, I am PISSED OFF

That neighbourhood needs one hell of a clean up….


Good God, this gets out of hand sometimes


And here I am having to put up with my folks, trying to make me feel bad for wanting to be a policewoman… seeing this type of bollocks makes my blood boil, the world’s gone mad


With respect I reckon your parents haven’t got a sodding clue what it means to be a policeman. To be the first to look after a woman who’s the victim of domestic abuse, to see the look of gratitude and sense of security in her eyes, to help a child who’s lost and upset, and who comes running to you because it trusts you as if you were its own father, to arrive just in time to save someone from getting beaten up and arrest their attackers, to be the shoulder to cry on when a family member has died, or just helping an old lady cross the road, or helping her up if she’s fallen. There are thousands of other cases. But that’s what it means to be a policeman: in no other job can you help other people as much.

And the 15M lot can just get fucked. I was with them at the start but bit by bit they’ve lost all credibility they had.

By the way, yesterday we had to stop them breaking into our building. Among other compliments they were shouting ‘bourgeouisie’. Yeah, there’s no-one as hard-working as us lot!


It looks like the media are finally getting wind of what’s happening to us, something’s better than nothing. I’ve just seen on today’s Antenna 3 news, I’ll post it here for you as well … 0217.html#

 And another video: … 00104.html


You’re right, they haven’t got a fucking clue, I’m on my own here, but I don’t give a shit, it’s what I do and that’s the end of it, you have no idea what it’s like every sodding day, putting up with the constant psychological battering from my mum and dad, my grandparents, my brother, today I’ve had to deal with my gran telling me ‘when they ask you what you do, don’t tell them what you really do… and I said to her, so what am I supposed to say, then? That I’m a check out girl or I’m on a five year degree course, it really winds me up. I’ll be a policewoman come what may, and when something comes over me (hee hee) no-one can stop me, and up till now whatever I’ve achieved it’s been with blood, sweat and tears but I’ve got it in the end. And when someone asks me what I do now? I tell them I’m studying to be in the National Police, and I get a real buzz out of saying what I do, it makes me really proud.

Anyway, going back to what we were talking about, it’s a damn shame when you have to see these banners saying the police are terrorists etc etc, I don’t know what these people think they’re trying to do, I’d like to get my hands on one of them one of these days, one of these who have so much to say for themselves, it would be good to get one of them face to face, see what they do then.


Once the streetlights go out the sun shines

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And a few more sentiments expressed by the 15M protesters. Something has changed since the original movement. They’re back, but I am in the middle of a move and haven’t been keeping up with local news. Last night walking home along Calle Montera, the pavement cafes packed with drinkers, the prostitutes slouching in platform heels and crop tops in the doorways of sex shops, there were blue flashing lights like a halo around Sol. A wall of police vans blocked access into Sol from Calle Preciados. In front of them sat five youngsters, a man with a banner denouncing the Pope’s upcoming visit, and two hippies, in a half-hearted sit-in Nipping through and round the back towards Sevilla another wall of flashing, silent vans. Ten policemen standing in front of them. I peered past the bright whirling blue lights and into the plaza beyond, but there was no-one there. The yellow street lamps illuminated only patches of bare pavement. Sol lay deserted and closely guarded, the new cercanias entrance eerily-lit, like a curled, alien shell. Something ugly in the atmosphere now: we’re not joking, let’s not kid around any more. You’ve had your say, now go home quietly.

Here’s what the original kids from Sol had to say about it all:

This camp may block the street but it’s opening the way

Once the streetlights go out the sun shines

No more insults to my intelligence

Mafalda: See? This is the little stick for beating ideologies

I can hear you moaning at home, why don’t you come down to the street and make yourself heard?

It’s dangerous being right when the government is wrong

Economic slave for hire: 400 euros a month

Now Sol (the Sun) is ours, let’s try for the moon!

Danger! Citizens thinking

We’ll start from the beginning at kilometer zero

Now the revolution is blossoming, if we organise ourselves we shall see it bear fruit

Yes, we camp

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More slogans and hand-written messages from the 15M protesters:

Democracy, I like you because it’s like you’re never there

Capitalism.exe has damaged the system

Raise spoilt little rich kids and you’ll end up with their crisis

This isn’t a crisis, it’s a rip-off

There isn’t enough bread for so much/many chorizo

Problems don’t roll up in a banana boat, they turn up in limousines

Yes, we camp

What do we want?

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casa ocupas (squat) on Calle Meson de Paredes (now painted over and reclaimed)

For those of you who are still unclear what the ‘Indignados’, ‘Campaign for Real Democracy’ and the 15M protesters in Sol were actually protesting about, here is the transcript and translation of part of an email I received recently from a student and protester on the mailing list: 

25 slogans for a revolution. A selection of the slogans, phrases and placards which came up in the protests beginning 15th May, which most caught the attention/captured the imagination of the people.

1. “No somos antisistema, el sistema es anti-nosotros”

We’re not anti-establishment, the establishment is anti-us.

2. “Me sobra mes a final de sueldo”

I have quite a lot of month left over at the end of my salary.

3. “No hay pan para tanto chorizo”

There’s not enough bread to go round for so much chorizo/so many chorizos. (chorizo means ‘sausage’ and ‘thief’)

4. “¿Dónde está la izquierda? al fondo, de la derecha”.

Where’s the Left? At the bottom, on the Right.

5. “Si no nos dejáis soñar, no os dejaremos dormir”.

If you won’t let us dream, then we won’t let you sleep.

6. “Se alquila esclavo económico”

Economic slave for hire

7. “Se puede acampar para ver a Justin Bieber pero no para defender nuestros

We can legally camp out to see Justin Beiber but not to defend our rights.

8. “Error 404: Democracia not found”

9. “Error de sistema. Reinicie, por favor”

Sistem error, please re-boot.

10. “Esto no es una cuestión de izquierda contra derechas, es de los de
abajo contra los de arriba”

This is not a question of left versus rights, it’s about those at the bottom against those at the top.

11. “Vivimos en un país donde licenciados están en paro, el presidente de
nuestro gobierno no sabe inglés…y la oposición tampoco”

We live in a country where graduates are on the dole, the president of our government doesn’t even speak English… and neither does the opposition.

12. “Mis sueños no caben en tus urnas”

My dreams don’t fit into your polling boxes.

13. “Políticos: somos vuestros jefes y os estamos haciendo un ERE”

Politicians – we are your bosses and we’re giving you the sack/making you redundant

(The ERE is a Spanish law which allows a company in crisis to seek the authorization to ‘suspend’ or sack employees, when there are ‘vaild’ economic, technical, or organisational reasons.)

14. “Nos mean y dicen que llueve! ”

They piss on us and tell us it’s raining!

15. “No falta el dinero. Sobran ladrones”

There isn’t a shortage of money, there’s an excess of thieves.

16. “¿Qué tal os va por España”?- Pues no nos podemos quejar. O sea, que
bien ¿no?- no, que no nos podemos quejar.”

So, how’s it going in Spain? Oh you know, can’t complain. So, not so bad, then? No, I mean we CAN’T complain.

17. “No es una crisis, es una estafa”

This isn’t a crisis, it’s a rip off

18. “No apagues la televisión… Podrías pensar”

Don’t switch off your television, you might start thinking.

19. “!!Tengo una carrera y como mortadela!!”

(Mortadella is a kind of luncheon meat, which is seen as ‘comida pobre’ (poor man’s food) made with pork, beef, sometimes horsemeat, and additives, probably the cultural equivalent of Spam, or living on McD’s.)

I have a degree and I’m living on Spam/McD’s

20. “Manos arriba, esto es un contrato”

Hands up, this is a contract!

21. “Ni cara A, ni cara B, queremos cambiar de disco”

We don’t want the A-side or the B-side, we want to change records.

22. “Rebeldes sin casa”

Rebels without a house.

23. “Democracia, me gustas porque estás como ausente”

Democracy, I like you because it’s like you’re never here…’

24. “Nosotros buscamos razones, ellos victorias”

We’re looking for answers/reasons, they’re looking for victories.

25. “Cuando los de abajo se mueven, los de arriba se tambalean”

When the ones at the bottom start shaking it, the ones at the top teeter.