Once the streetlights go out the sun shines

And a few more sentiments expressed by the 15M protesters. Something has changed since the original movement. They’re back, but I am in the middle of a move and haven’t been keeping up with local news. Last night walking home along Calle Montera, the pavement cafes packed with drinkers, the prostitutes slouching in platform heels and crop tops in the doorways of sex shops, there were blue flashing lights like a halo around Sol. A wall of police vans blocked access into Sol from Calle Preciados. In front of them sat five youngsters, a man with a banner denouncing the Pope’s upcoming visit, and two hippies, in a half-hearted sit-in Nipping through and round the back towards Sevilla another wall of flashing, silent vans. Ten policemen standing in front of them. I peered past the bright whirling blue lights and into the plaza beyond, but there was no-one there. The yellow street lamps illuminated only patches of bare pavement. Sol lay deserted and closely guarded, the new cercanias entrance eerily-lit, like a curled, alien shell. Something ugly in the atmosphere now: we’re not joking, let’s not kid around any more. You’ve had your say, now go home quietly.

Here’s what the original kids from Sol had to say about it all:

This camp may block the street but it’s opening the way

Once the streetlights go out the sun shines

No more insults to my intelligence

Mafalda: See? This is the little stick for beating ideologies

I can hear you moaning at home, why don’t you come down to the street and make yourself heard?

It’s dangerous being right when the government is wrong

Economic slave for hire: 400 euros a month

Now Sol (the Sun) is ours, let’s try for the moon!

Danger! Citizens thinking

We’ll start from the beginning at kilometer zero

Now the revolution is blossoming, if we organise ourselves we shall see it bear fruit

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