Floor Gymnastics with truncheon (2)

Another quick word about the police, or more accurately, locals’ opinion of them-

While walking home the other day I came across this small poster slapped on a shop window at the top of my road:

(Left hand side) ‘The things they do because they feel like it’:

Use the siren so they can jump red lights

Drink in bars while armed

They’re cocky and full of themselves

Carry out extortion rackets on shops and bars

Nick your gear then they smoke it themselves

Let drug trafficers  get away with it but beat up the addicts

Park wherever they like but never have to pay a fine

They don’t even respect their own laws

Torture, mistreat, lie, kill, and enjoy total immunity

(Right hand side) ‘The things they are sanctioned to do’:

Hit your mother/father/child at a demo

Stop you, search you, and violate your personal rights

Fine you

Deport immigrants

Carry out armed checks in the street

Protect the order, law and money of the rich

Shoot you or hit you if they see fit

Live off the taxes you pay

Kill and get away with it


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